18 October 2020

Reference article: Maldives Immigration

With the reopening of Maldives’ borders on 15th July 2020 after almost four months of closure, a negative result for  nucleic acid test (PCR test) was not initially required for tourists and other short-term visitors to enter Maldives. However, this was later changed where a negative PCR test, taken 72 hours prior to departure, was made mandatory.

The Ministry of Tourism has now extended the negative PCR test validity time from within 72 hours to within 96 hours prior to tourists departure to Maldives. This was a decision made by the Ministry of Tourism in order to ease travel restrictions to Maldives, effective from 15th October 2020 onwards. Guesthouses reopened on the same day and will be operating under strict safety guidelines,  including mandatory public mask wear in islands where guesthouses resume operations.

With the new change, PCR test results will be accepted if the time frame between the scheduled time of departure from the first port of embarkation en-route to the Maldives and the time of sampling does not exceed 96 hours. 

On the other hand, if the passenger makes a transit during the journey, the initial PCR test will be valid if the transit time does not exceed 24 hours. Hence, if a passenger makes a transit exceeding 24 hours, the passenger must repeat the PCR test, within 96 hours prior to embarkation at the port of transit.

The PCR test document containing the test result should state the name of the passenger (name as in passport), passport number, name and address of the testing laboratory, type of test stated as PCR test, date of sampling and test result.

The following categories require negative result PCR test, prior to entry into the Maldives:

  1. All Tourists
  2. Special Visa holders whose duration of stay in the Maldives is up to seven days
  3. Business visa holders whose duration of stay in the Maldives is up to seven days
  4. Foreign diplomats and their accompanying family members
  5. Airline/aircraft crew, if the transit stay in the Maldives is arranged in an accommodation other than a designated transit facility or if their stay exceed seven days
  6. Crew of ships who arrive by air to sign onto a ship

Except the aforementioned passengers, others are required to undergo mandatory home quarantine (in their place of residency or work) for 14 days after arrival to the Maldives. 

Additionally, all arriving passengers and airline crew should complete and submit the online Traveler Health Declaration form available from “Imuga” Portal, ( within 24 hours prior to their departure to the Maldives. Passengers who are required to present PCR test results on arrival should attach it while completing the online Traveler Health Declaration form.

All arriving passengers and airline crew should report to the Immigration counter if they have respiratory symptoms or report directly to the International Border Health counter.

Note: Children below one year old are exempt from the requirement of a COVID-19 test.