Maldives to actively participate in the 44th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council

30 June 2020

The 44th Session of the Human Rights Council will begin today in Geneva. The Maldives delegation sets for active engagement with the new modalities set in place amid the COVID19. The Session is scheduled to take place from 30 June to 20 July 2020.

The Maldives delegation will actively engage in Interactive Dialogues, Panel Discussions and participate in discussions of key resolutions. As part of the Core Group with Australia, Botswana, Hungary, Mexico and Thailand, Maldives will be putting forth the Resolution on the Independence of judges and lawyers. Moreover, Maldives, with Australia, Fiji, Mexico, and Bulgaria will table the Resolution on Universality during this Session.
The Maldives as the co-chair and on behalf of the Informal Group of SIDS group along with Haiti, will also lead a cross regional Joint Statement under Panel Discussion on Climate Change, and Annual Panel on Technical Cooperation. The Maldives, as part of Regional and political Groups including the OIC and Non-Aligned Movement, has shared concerns of the human rights atrocities that are escalating around the world and will address some of these concerns as well as endeavour to promote and protect human rights for all. In this regard, Maldives will deliver a statement on the issue of human rights situations in the Syrian Arab Republic, Palestine and on the Rohingya Muslim minorities in Myanmar.The Maldives priorities at the UN Human Rights Council include women’s rights, climate change and environment, and respect for rule of law and democracy. The Maldives will actively engage and co-sponsor several resolutions. Some of the key resolutions for the Maldives at this session are violence against women, climate change and human rights, and trafficking in persons.The Maldives will be represented at the UN Human Rights Council by Her Excellency Dr Hala Hameed, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Maldives to the United Nations Office at Geneva. The Maldives delegation also  includes Ms Hawla Ahmed Didi, Deputy Permanent Representative of Maldives to United Nations Office at Geneva, and Ms. Shahiya Ali Manik, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Maldives to United Nations Office at Geneva.The Maldives has served as a Member of the Council for 2 conservative terms of 6 years until 2016. Maldives is currently an observer member of the council. The Human Rights Council is an inter-governmental body within the United Nations system, made up of 47 members who takes the responsibility for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe.