Minister Shahid speaks at the India Today Conclave

Minister Shahid speaks at the India Today Conclave Image 1


13 March 2021

Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulla Shahid today, spoke at the India Today Conclave-South at the session entitled, “Neighbourhood Navigation: The Common Water: Old Ties, New Strategies. Minister Shahid was joined at the panel by Minister of Foreign Relations of Sri Lanka, Dinesh Gunawardena (participating virtually), and Member, Board of Governors of India Foundation, Ram Madhav.

Speaking at the session Minister Shahid highlighted on the future prospects of the Indian Ocean Region, noted that the establishment of democratic peace and stability in the region has created a conducive environment for the development of a collaborative, rules-based order, which will in turn foster the continued growth and overall development of the Indian Ocean Region countries. Minister Shahid also highlighted the central role that India plays in creating an atmosphere for building confidence in the regional arrangements. He noted that India inspires and leads the development of these mechanisms into strong and credible institutions that can foster regional peace and security, and ensure coordination and collaboration.

Reflecting on the role of Maldives in the region, Minister Shahid noted that the geographic location of Maldives, passing through the major sea lines of communication, makes the Maldives an invaluable partner and an important link in global trade. He noted that the Maldives-India partnership is integral to maintaining stability in the Indian Ocean.

This year marks the fourth Edition of the India Today Conclave-South. The Conclave gathers a number of speakers, offering their perspectives and helping to make sense of the fast-changing socio-political developments in the region. The India Today Conclave-South, which started in January 2017 explores the socio-economic potential of the south of India and the role it plays in India’s overall progress as a nation.