Bilateral Relations

Maldives-Netherlands Relations

Bilateral Relations with the Netherlands

The Maldives and the Netherlands established diplomatic relations on 3 September 1979. The Embassy of Maldives in Belgium is accredited to Netherlands.

H.E. Mr. Hassan Sobir presented credentials to his Majesty King Willem-Alexander on 27 November 2019.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands accredited to the Maldives is in Colombo.


Agreements concluded

An Air Services Agreement was signed between the Maldives and the Netherlands on 23 June 1994.


Dutch Docklands to develop floating islands in Maldives

The Governement of Maldives signed an agreement in 2019  with Dutch Docklands to use Netherlands' latest innovation technology (floating islands) to assist Maldivian climate adaptation strategy.

This marks the second time Holland Company, Dutch Docklands signed a project to bring the concept of floating islands to the Maldives.

The agreement was signed by State Minister at the Ministry of Tourism, Ahmed Solih as well as CEO of Dutch Docklands, Paul Van De Camp.