Japan and Maldives Holds 4th Round of Policy Dialogue

Japan and Maldives Holds 4th Round of Policy Dialogue Image 1


04 April 2023

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Maldives and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has successfully concluded the 4th Round of Japan-Maldives Policy Dialogue, which was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan today.

The Maldivian delegation was led by His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Khaleel, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, and the Japanese Delegation was led by Mr. Arima Yutaka, Director-General, Southeast and Southwest Asian Department. The discussion throughout the dialogue were very productive, drawing upon the solid foundation established during the preceding three rounds of the policy dialogue.

The Dialogue focused on enhancing the already close relations between the two countries, especially through economic and development cooperation, in trade and investment, cultural exchanges, and in regional and maritime cooperation.

Key areas of focus during the dialogue included:

Economic Cooperation: Both nations expressed their commitment to working closely together in order to foster mutual growth and development. The dialogue featured discussions on potential avenues for collaboration, aiming to create a prosperous future for both countries through joint efforts and initiatives.

Regional and International Issues: The two countries addressed pressing regional and global concerns, emphasizing the importance of maintaining peace, stability, and prosperity in the region. Maldives and Japan also explored opportunities for joint initiatives and partnerships to tackle these challenges, including in a free and open Indian Ocean region.

People-to-People Exchanges: The dialogue emphasized the importance of cultural exchange and educational cooperation, recognizing that these interactions deepen mutual understanding and strengthen the bond between the two nations. Both parties agreed to promote and support more frequent engagements in the fields of arts, culture, sports, and education, furthering the growth of their relationship.

The fourth round of the Maldives-Japan Policy Dialogue demonstrated the commitment of both nations to further enhance their bilateral relations and work together to address shared challenges.

The Policy Dialogue is a platform between Maldives and Japan to discuss important bilateral, regional and multilateral issues. The last Policy Dialogue was held in virtually on 4 March 2021.