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Updates on the COVID-19 situation in Maldives

Tourist Arrivals

On 1st November 2020, Maldives recorded the highest tourist arrivals on a single-day since border opening with 1,590 tourists. From 15th July to 4th November, a total of 44,365 tourists arrived in the Maldives. The top source market for the tourist arrival was Russia with 9,519 arrivals, followed by United Kingdom with 3,817 tourist arrivals. The United Arab Emirates stood third with 3,683 tourist arrivals. Other top source markets include United States.

5 November, Updates on the Covid-19 Situation in the Maldives

Re-opening of Guesthouses, 15th October 2020

Guesthouses in residential islands are permitted to reopen for international tourists. Permits are issued based on the consent from Island Council and criteria and guidelines by HPA and HEOC. As of 15th October 2020, 15 guesthouses have been permitted to resume operations in 6 islands in 4 atolls. Wearing masks is always mandatory for tourists and as well as to locals  in tourist guest house islands.

Introduction of first Covid-19 travel Insurance in Maldives

To ensure safety of our tourists, Ministry in collaboration with Allied Insurance introduced First Travel Insurance Covering COVID-19 in Maldives. The policy covers charges for services including isolation costs, medical treatment and transportation to isolation/medical facility. The insurance package include two plans; “Allied Inbound” and “Allied Inbound Plus”. The packages covers for 7 or more days and are to be puchased before arriving in Maldives. For more details;

Extension of Negative PCR Test validity time

Health Protection Agency has extended negative PCR test validity time of within 72 hours to within 96 hours prior to tourists’ departure to Maldives.

The extension of negative PCR test validity time would be a great news for those who have to take flights on weekends or on a Monday. Thus, solving the inconvenience of weekend overlap for test results.

Current Situation of COVID-19 in the Maldives

Currently over 1200 samples are being tested daily (as at 14th October 2020) including departure results, as testing facilities are conveniently available for tourists. As of 14th October 2020, we have 3 COVID-19 hospital facilities in greater male’ area with 263 bed and additional 5 COVID-19 hospital facilities across the country with 183 beds. Out of these beds 177 are vacant, respectively.


We are seeing indications of tourism recovery as the tourism sector continues to gather momentum in getting back to its normal levels of operations. This is evident with increased flight movements and subsequently, increased tourist arrivals that are flowing in at a generally increasing trend. Our prime objective is to make our tourism industry stable once again and keep the momentum going whilst making the destination the safest place for our visitors.

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