Visa requirements for Foreign Journalists

If you are visiting the Maldives for the purposes of undertaking journalism tasks, you are required to submit the following documents to Maldives Immigration.

  1. IM32 Vetting form and,
  2. IM24 Application form  (Professional Occupation Category will assist you in filling out the Business Visa form (IM24)
  3. Passport Bio-data page copy
  4. Expatriate Health Insurance
  5. Fee (Mrf 750.00 per 3 months or part of 3 months)

Photo Journalists, Videographers and Professionals with recording equipment will need to submit a request to the National Centre for Arts (NCA) to obtain a permit for the use of such equipment. The application for the request can be found here. In addition the NCA request should comply with the following conditions;

  • Be made through a local sponsor (condition could be waived if reporters obtain from the immigration department () or a relevant government ministry. For instance, a reporter wanting to work on a report on climate change could obtain permission from the environment ministry to waive the requirement);
  • Provide a summary of the purpose of visit;
  • Provide a detailed list of equipment that will be used;
  • Other details of locations they may want to cover and/or other important information. 

As both these processes require the involvement of a local sponsor, the applicant may seek assistance from the local sponsor in getting the processes done locally – have them be the focal/contact point with Maldives Immigration and for the visitor to liaise with the sponsor in attending to these processes.

Also note: It can take up to 21 days to process the visa and it would be advisable to carry forward both processes in parallel in order to save time.

Please Note:

The Maldives Embassy does not issue any visas under any circumstances.